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With the advent of on-board computers within modern horseboxes controlling their engine performance and running gear it became vital to possess the relevant equipment to correctly diagnose complicated electronic faults such as ABS, EDC and IBC warnings. Without the correct diagnostic software the repairer is left in the dark as to the fault and has no option but to replace expensive components in the search for a cure for the fault.
The only available alternative to this repairer is to take your vehicle to a main dealer who will often charge excessive labour rates to diagnose the fault for them. This method of repair will lead to costly diagnostic and travelling bills from your repairer.

It was for this reason that we invested in T.E.X.A, E.A.S.Y. and D.A.V.I.E.  equipment to carry out complete diagnosis of all computer faults on all makes of horsebox chassis including DAF, Iveco, Scania, Mercedes and MAN etc. This equipment along with comprehensive staff training allows us to quickly find the fault and pinpoint them to specific components allowing for quicker repair times and significantly reduced repair bills.


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