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An often overlooked option when looking to upgrade your horsebox for a new horsebox is to not sell but in fact upgrade your existing horsebox. Sometimes it is the case that your current horsebox has had a lot of time or money spent on it in maintenance or previous upgrades in recent years making it seem unjust to sell dispite it not being suitable for your current use.

In this situation THORPE HORSEBOXES can help by offering to refurbish your current horsebox to suit your new need, whether it be better living, new paintwork or a change of layout in the horse area. This service is also of use if you are currently looking to purchase a horsebox as it is often the case that many horseboxes you will view may need slight modification in order to be of better use to yourself, if this is the case then we can help providing as much or as little help with refurbishment as you require.

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